Property Taxes

All property owners in the Village of Oil Springs receive a tax bill.  Your tax dollars fund services provided by the Village of Oil Springs, County of Lambton and the Boards of Education


Email billing is now available for tax and utility bills! Residents who would like to opt in for paperless billing may register for email billing by simply filling out the E-Billing Authorization formPlease return the completed form to our office located at 4591 Oil Springs Line Box 22 Oil Springs or email


Internet or Telephone Banking

You can make payments through your financial institution by either telephone or internet banking.  Contact our office at 519-834-2939 to receive your account number.



In Person

Pay in person at the Village Office located at 4591 Oil Springs. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or debit.  Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9 - 12 noon and 1 to 5 p.m.

A drop box is also located outside of our office door for after hours.

Pre-authorized Payment

The Village of Oil Springs now offers monthly payment plans! If you would like to sign up for monthly or due date pre-authorized payment, please complete our Pre-Authorized Payment Form and return to our office located at 4591 Oil Springs Line, Box 22, Oil Springs or email to


Send your payment by mail to:

Village of Oil Springs

Box 22

4591 Oil Springs Line

Oil Springs, ON  N0N 1P0

Updating Your Mailing Address

To update your mailing address or contact information for your property tax and/or utility account, please complete our Update or Change Your Contact Information Form.

Property Tax Due Dates

Village of Oil Springs issues property tax bills twice a year with two installments on each bill.

We mail the first tax bill in March.  This bill is the interim tax bill and the installment amount is 50% of the previous year's taxes.  The due dates are:

  • Second last business day in March
  • Second last business day in June

We mail the final tax bill in August with the following installment due dates:

  • Second last business day in August
  • Second last business day in November

Calculating Property Taxes

To calculate property taxes, multiply the property assessment value by the tax rate for the tax class of the property.

Penalty and Interest Charges

Tax accounts not paid by the due date have penalty and interest of 1.25% added to their property taxes on the first day of each month until the balance is paid.  Payments are applied to all of the interest and penalty charges first and then to your outstanding tax arrears. Failure to receive a tax bill does not exempt the taxpayer from late chargers

Consent to Disclose Personal Information

In accordance with The freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), section 44, individuals can use the Consent to Disclose Personal Information Form to provide written consent for the disclosure of their personal information.

Property Tax Rates

There are three parts to the tax rate:

  • Municipal tax rate set by Village of Oil Springs
  • Regional tax rate set by the County of Lambton
  • Education tax rate set by the Province of Ontario

View tax rates:



Property Assessment

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is responsible for assessing the value and classification of all properties in Ontario.  For questions regarding your property, contact them at their customer service number 1-866-296-6722 or 1-877-899-6722 (TTY).

Visit MPAC's About My Property website for more information on how they assess the value of your property.

Assessment Concerns

Fill out a request for reconsideration (RFR) if you feel that the assessment on your property is not correct.  The deadline to file an RFR is on your assessment notice from MPAC.

Demolishing Buildings

MPAC needs to know if you demolish a building on your property. Fill out a Section 357/358 Application at the Village Office

Residential Properties

If you are a property owner in the residential, farm and managed forest property tax classes and you have concerns about the assessment or classification of your property, you must file a residential request for reconsideration (RFR).  MPAC does the review free of charge

Commercial or Industrial Properties

If you're a property owner in the commercial or industrial property tax class, you can file a non-residential request for reconsideration or proceed directly with an Assessment Review Board (ARB) appeal. The complete process is on the ARB's website.  There is a fee when filing with the ARB.

Tax Certificates

Tax certificates are issued upon request to anyone requiring certified information on the status of a property tax account.  The cost of a tax certificate is $55.00 per certificate made payable to the Village of Oil Springs.

All inquires and requests can be sent to



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