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The Corporation of The Village of Oil Springs
P.O.Box 22
4591 Oil Springs Line
Oil Springs, Ontario
N0N 1P0

Office hours
Monday to Friday: 9-12,1-5
Saturday & Sunday: Closed


Youth Centre rental Info: 519-834-2939

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Newsworthy Nuggets


- In southwestern Ontario, local First Nations knew about the gum beds (pools of oil that have seeped to the surface). They used the sticky oil to waterproof their canoes and for medicinal purposes long before carriage-maker James Williams registered the world's first commercial oil well in 1858. It was located in Oil Springs, Ontario.

- The word "petroleum" comes from Latin words: "petra" for rock and "oleum" for oil. Oil lies inside porous rock like water in a sponge.

- Canadian John Henry Fairbank invented the jerker rod system of pumping oil. His descendants have continued to pump oil for over 130 years in Oil Springs, Ontario. Oliver Fairbank Oil Properties Ltd. is the oldest petroleum company in the world!

- Oil (petroleum) took millions of years to form, yet humans will eventually consume the world's oil supply, as fuel, in a much shorter time. Once it is used up, we cannot make more.



If you have any old pictures of the town or oil fields and their workers or stories relating to Oil Springs please send them to Norm via email,or if you can not scan them yourself contact him at 519-834-2887 after 6pm to make arrangements to have them scanned and preserved. We would like to get as many and as much information as possible for our upcoming anniversary.
If you take your photos and stories to the town office the Staff will make sure they are given to Norm for scanning and printing. Please make sure your name and contact information are with everything so they may be returned.